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HISTORY OF MALAYSIAThe first people to live in Malaya were Stone Age hunter-gatherers. They arrived as early as 8,000 BC. Later Stone Age farmers came to Malaya and displaced them. (The hunter-gatherers continued to exist but they retreated into remote areas). The farmers practiced slash and burn agriculture. They cleared an area of rain forest by burning it then grew crops. After a few years the land would be exhausted and the farmers would clear a new area. However within a few years the old area would become covered in vegetation and would become fertile again.


Petronas twin towers, with levels reaching 88 floors of this building is second highest in the world. Located in Kuala Lumpur City Center and adjacent to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. You are allowed up to the bridge connecting the two towers at 42 floors.In order to ride, you will be given a free ticket, but the conditions have to line up from 0600 when Malaysia.

Sunway Lagoon is the most fitting visited with family. Inside are six play areas, ranging from, Water Park, where various water games can be found here, ranging from the slides, giant wave pool that makes you feel like surfing on the beach, and Amusement Park, the area is similar to the Fantasy World in Ancol. Manifold of a fun vehicle to play up a tense waiting for you here.

Batu Caves consists of three big caves, including cave contained a major Hindu temple is decorated with delicate carvings. One interesting experience at Batu Caves is to climb 272 steps leading to the main cave.

Genting Sky Venture contained herein, the only facility providing the experience of skydiving in Asia. Then there is also the Genting X-pedition Wall, is an international standard climbing wall at a 15 meter by six meter long hanging cliff. In addition there are facilities to play bowling, Cineplex and a variety of games that are very interesting.

Ferris wheel that reaches a height of 60 meters is located beside the lake Titiwangsa has 42 fruit capsules, and with these wheels ride you can enjoy views of the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This mill has air conditioning, so for your chance to ride the Ferris wheel is in the daytime do not need to fear the heat. For those of you who want to ride, have a spend of RM15, or about 45 thousand

EDUCATION ON MALAYSIAPrimary EducationOnly primary school education is compulsory in Malaysia, where multilingual public schools, private schools and home educators co-exist side by side. Following unregulated preschool education a child enters primary school at age 7 for a period of 6 years. Following schooling in the community language of their choice they must sit for their primary school achievement test in order to qualify to study further.

Secondary EducationThere is no identified middle school period although secondary education is divided into 2 phases. Following the first 3 years of general education students write for their lower certificate of education. Thereafter they enter either the arts or the science stream according to personal choice and teacher advice for 2 years. Once in that stream though, switching opportunities are limited. Following this latter period, they may complete 6th form, or study for a further 2 years for matriculation exemption.

Vocational EducationThe department of skills development oversees the establishment and operation of all public and private training institutions. It has developed almost 1,000 standards for certificate, diploma and advanced diploma training, and is rolling more out in approximately 20 identified key areas.Tertiary EducationMalaysia EducationControversy continues to surround heavily subsidized Malaysian tertiary education because of tight quotas that protect the racial majority. Some progress has been made in the direction of a greater meritocracy though, and in the interim disadvantaged students have the opportunity of enrolling at private or foreign branch universities.

The University of Malaya, which evolved from the Federated Malay States Government Medical School founded in 1905 is the oldest functioning tertiary institution in the country. Academic staff exceed 2,500 based at 3 campuses.

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY IN MALAYSIAEducational Technology in Malaysia have their audio books that are essentially good to encourage students to enjoy good literary works and promote literacy awareness. Some of them might not be able to read well, but with the help of audio books, it could raise their vocabulary levels. They also have a game application named Adam dream by learning mathematics can be perceived as boring by many young children, especially when they are taught using the traditional rote learning method of memorization and drills. But if you add some fun elements with meaningful context, it could make a huge difference and children might even get hooked to learn it better. Thats what Adam Dream mobile app can do! Developed by Malaysias Terato Tech, the mobile app (for iPad and iPhone) allows young children or even teenagers to learn arithmetic with the elements of arcade, puzzles and role-playing.