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Transcript of Kumpulan Lagu-lagu Barat

Hey, baby, I ain't askin' much o' you. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, baby,
Don't be a stiny !itt!e mama you 'bout to sta"#e me ha!$ to %eath.
No& you cou!% sa"e a kiss o" t&o an% sti!! ha#e !enty !e$t.
!hat's right. ""..Instrumental"" 
 (ou'"e )ust a natu"a! bo"n beehi#e *!!e% &ith honey to the to.
I ot a &ishbone in my ocket. I ot a "abbit's $oot a"oun% my &"ist.
An% I'% ha#e e#'"ythin my !ucky cha"ms cou!% b"in ai$ you imme )usta one s&eet kiss.
 (ou can te!! the &o"!% you ne#e" &as my i"!,  (ou can bu"n my c!othes u &hen I'm one,
 (ou can te!! my a"ms o back to the $a"m,  (ou can te!! my $eet to hit the 0oo",
O" you can te!! my !is to te!! my *ne"tis,  /hey &on't be "eachin out $o" you no mo"e.
1 But %on't te!! my hea"t,
2y achy b"eaky hea"t, I )ust %on't think he'% un%e"stan%.
 (ou can te!! you" 2a I mo#e% to A"kansas,  (ou can te!! you" %o to bite my !e,
O" te!! you" b"othe" c!i4 &hose *st can te!! my !i, He ne#e" "ea!!y !ike% me any&ay.
O" te!! you" Aunt Louise, te!! anythin you !ease,
2yse!$ a!"ea%y kno&s I'm not O.K., O" you can te!! my eyes to &atch out $o" my min%,
It miht be &a!kin out on me to%ay.
#e$eat  1 5 6
ADIO7 A2IGO  JI% #EE&E  8"ee% 9 Li#in 7tone
Has come to an% en%
An% it;s you &hose she !ons $o", it;s you she &i!! chose
  A%ios coma%"e,
2uch acho $o" me
I "i%e to the "io, :he"e my !i$e I &i!! sen%
A%ios Amio , a%ios my $"ien%
A%%io Amo"e &e;!! meet aain
&hen you;"e a!one
A8I-AA8I-A !!
that ui%e me to&a"%s sa!#a..tion. I stoe% an o!% man a!on the &ay hoin to *n% some !on $o"otten
&o"%s o" ancient me..!o%ies. He tu"ne% to me as i$ to say,
?Hu""y boy, it's &aitin the"e $o" you.?
* It's gonna take a lot to drag me away (rom you... !here's nothing that a hundred  men or more could ever do.
I bless the rains down in )(rica. onna take some time
to do the things we never had. """.". Instrumental""""."
:i!% %os c"y out in the niht, as they "o& "est!ess !onin $o" some so!ita"y com..any. I kno& that I must %o &hat's "iht ;
su"e as Ki!iman)a"o "ises !ike O!ymus abo#e the 7e.."eneti.
I seem to cu"e &hat's %ee insi%e,
$"ihtene% o$ this thin that I'#e become3 ""#e$eat".*""Instrumental"""
?Hu""y boy, she is &aitin the"e $o" you...? "".#e$eat""* 
  A8/E 2IDNIGH/A8/E 2IDNIGH/  JJ +ale
A$te" mi%niht, &e'"e onna !et it a!! han %o&n.
Gonna stimu!ate some action :e'"e onna et some satis$action.
:e'"e onna *n% out &hat it is a!! about. A$te" mi%niht,
&e'"e onna !et it a!! han %o&n.
 )(ter midnight, it's all gonna be $eaches and cream.
*onna cause talk and sus$icion
e're gonna give an ehibition. e're gonna /nd out what it is all about...
 )(ter midnight,  we're gonna let it all hang down.
 )(ter midnight, we're gonna let it all hang down.
 )(ter midnight, gonna shake your tambourine.  )(ter midnight, gonna be $eaches and cream.
#e$eat * A$te" mi%niht, onna !et it a!! han %o&n. C
* It3s been a hard day3s night   and I3ve been working like a dog.
It3s been a hard day3s night
I should be slee$ing like a log. 1ut when I get home to you. I /nd the things that you do
will make me (eel alright.
7o &hy I !o#e to come home cos &hen I et you a!one,  (ou kno& I;!! be okay.
:hen I;m home3
e#;"ythin seems to be "iht :hen I;m home3
Ain't no sunshine &hen she's one. It's not &a"m &hen she's a&ay.
Ain't no sunshine &hen she's one
an% she's a!&ays one too !on anytime she oes a&ay.
Ain't no sunshine &hen she's one an% this house )ust ain't no home
anytime she oes a&ay.
I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&, I kno&,
Hey, I ouht to !ea#e the youn thin a!one, but ain't no sunshine &hen she's one,
A!%i!a...... De!!e cose io be!!e A!%i!a...... De!!e ste!!e ci sei etu
A!%i!a.......ci sei etu =e"me e"me so! tanto e"me
A!%i!a means you a"e 8a" abo#e me#e"y $a"
 Fust to make you &o"!% I ut hea#en on ea"th to be nea" you,
A! %i !a.. 2a...la...la...la...la...la..
A! %i !a %e!!a #o!t in*nita A! %i !a %e!!a #ita ci sei etu
A! %i !a ci sei etu e"me
  A LI//LE BI/ O8 7OA=A LI//LE BI/ O8 7OA= A !itt!e bit o$ soa, &i!! &ash a&ay..
you" !istick $"om my $ace. A !itt!e bit o$ soa, &i!! ne#e"..
-ou!% ne#e", ne#e" e#e" e"ase..
 /he ain in my hea"t.. an% my eyes.. As they ot th"u; the !one!y you..
A !itt!e bit o$ soa, &i!! ne#e" &ash a&ay my tea"s.
A !itt!e bit o$ soa, &i!! ne#e".., Ne#e", ne#e" e#e" bein...
 /o take a&ay the !o#e.. that I $ee!... as they ot th"u; the !one!y you,
Ha#e you hea"% &hen !o#e bein to %ie. It !ea#es someone to c"y niht an% %ay.
O" !ike a $oo! an% !ike a "obin;s nest. An% )ust !ike a!! the "est you 0e& a&ay.
you" e"$ume &hen you !ea#e me. A !itt!e bit o$ soa &i!! ne#e" &ash a&ay the
memo"y. O$ you" name in the niht.
ALL I HAVE /O DO I7 DEA2ALL I HAVE /O DO I7 DEA2 E&E#25 1#!0E#3  - 1.1ryant 
6re..am, dream, dream, dre..am 6re..am, dream, dream, dre..am
:hen I &ant you, in my a"ms..
:hen I &ant you, an% a!! you" cha"ms.. :hene#e" I &ant.. you a!! I ha#e to %o
is %"e..am..%"eam, %"eam, %"e..am D"e..am, %"eam, %"eam, %"e..am.
 /o ho!% me tiht.. &hene#e" I &ant you a!! I ha#e to %o is %"e..am..
I3m dreaming my li(e.. away"
I nee% you so, that I cou!% %ie
 I !o#e you so, An% that is &hy, :hene#e" I &ant you
A!! I ha#e to %o is %"e..am . D"eam, %"eam, %"e..am
D"e..am, %"eam, %"eam, %"e..am.
  + 6m8
7no&%"os an% %a4o%i!s, butte"0ies an% bees.   + 6m8
7ai!boats an% *she"men, thins o$ the sea.
  + 6m 8 +
7eau!!s an% ae"o!anes, thins o$ the sky. :in%s that o ho&!in; b"eees that sih.
-ity sihts, neon !ihts, "ey skies o" b!ue. A!! kin%s o$ e#;"ythin "emin% me o$ you.
  6m Em 6m Em
ummer time, winter time s$ring and autumn too.   68 68 8
%onday, !uesday, ev3ryday, I think o( you.
Bu%%in t"ees, autumn !ea#es, a sno&0ake o" t&o.
%onday, !uesday, ev3ryday, I think o( you.

came to nothin at a!! my !o#e.
 (ou &e"e no !one" mine.  
 /h"o&n a&ay a$te" a!! this time.   )m8 68
No& the"e;s no !ace $o" me.   E8 Eb8
I %on;t un%e"stan% you.
I;#e %one a!! I can %o.   )m8 68
2o"e than a!! my !o#e.
  6m )m
tomo""o& I;!! miss you
I;!! &"ite home e#;"y %ay.
  4 6m +
An% I;!! sen% a!! my !o#in to you.   6m )m
I;!! "eten% that I;m kissin, + )m
the !is I;m missin.
An% hoe that my %"eams &i!! come t"ue.   + )m +: +
 )ll my loving, I will send to you.   + )m +: +
 )ll my loving, darling I3ll be true.
-!ose you" eyes an% I;!! kiss you, tomo""o& I;!! miss you.
emembe" I;!! a!&ays be t"ue.
 ALL NIGH/ LONGALL NIGH/ LONG  2ionel #ichie
:e!! my $"ien%s the time has come, to "aise the "oo! an% ha#e some $un.
Lose you"se!$ in &i!% "omance.
1 :e'"e oin to a"ty, ka"amu, *esta, $o"e#e". -ome on an% sin a!on.
:e'"e oin to a"ty, ka"amu, *esta, $o"e#e". -ome on an% sin a!on.
A!!.. niht.. !on3. A!!.. niht.. !on...
 A!!.. niht.. !on3. A!!.. niht.. !on...
=eo!e %ancin a!! in the st"eet. 7ee the "hythm a!! in thei" $eet.
Li$e is oo%, &i!%, an% s&eet,Let the music !ay on... 8ee! it in you" hea"t an% $ee! it in you" sou!.
Let the music take cont"o!. #e$eat  1
Once you et sta"te% you can't sit %o&n. -ome )oin the $un, it's a me""yo"oun%. E#e"yone's %ancin thei" t"oub!es a&ay. -ome )oin ou" a"ty, see ho& &e !ay
 /om bo !i %e say %e moi ya, yeah.. Fambo Fumbo :e'"e onna ha#e a a"ty.
A!!.. niht.. !on3. A!!.. niht.. !on.. A!!.. niht.. !on3. A!! niht.. !on..
ALL O8 2EALL O8 2E  4rank inatra
 /ake my a"ms I ne#e" use them.
 (ou" oo% bye,Le$t me &ith eyes that c"y. Ho& can I, Get a!on &ithout3 you.
 (ou took the a"t,
 /hat once &as my hea"t. 7o &hy not take a!!.. o$.. me...
 (ou took the a"t  /hat 33 once &as my hea"t
7o3oo &hy not  /ake a!!.. o$.. me3
ALL OU/ O8 LOVEALL OU/ O8 LOVE  )I# ;PP25,<=>? e$tember @?
  + Em 4A) 8 +  +sus + sus +
I;m !yin a!one &ith my hea% on the hone. /hinkin o$ you ti!! it hu"ts +sus Em )m 4 8
I kno& you hu"t too, but &hat e!se can &e %o. /o"mente% an% to"n aa"t.
+sus +
I &ish I cou!% ca""y you" smi!e in my hea"t. +sus + +sus
8o" times &hen my !i$e seems so !o&. It &ou!% make me be!ie#e. Em )m 4maB8
:hat tomo""o& cou!% b"in ,:hen to%ay %oesn;t "ea!!y kno&. 8
Doesn;t "ea!!y kno&. + Em
4A) 4 8 I know you were right, believing (or so long.
+ 4A)
I3m all out o( love, I can3t be too late. 4 8 + +sus +
!o say that I was so wrong. I want you to come back and carry me home.
+sus +
sus Em
I3m reaching (or you, are you (eeling it too.  )m 4maB8 8
6oes the (eeling seem oh so right. +sus +
 )nd what would you say i( I called on you know. +sus + +sus Em
 )m 4maB8 8
Please love me or I3ll be gone, I3ll be gone.  eeat 1 C
 )m Em 4 Em 6m )m
Oh, &hat a"e you thinkin o$, &hat a"e you thinkin o$. Em 4 Em 6m 4 8
 /he"e she stoo% in the st"eet,   +
7mi!in $"om + he" hea% to he" $eet.   +
No& baby, maybe, maybe she;s in nee% o$ a kiss.   +
I sai% < Hey, &hat;s you" name, baby J   +
2aybe &e can see thins the same.
Let;s mo#e be$o"e they "aise the a"kin "ate <   + 4 +
 )ll right now, baby it3s all right now.   + 4 +
 )ll right now, baby it3s all right now. I took he" home to my !ace.
:atchin e#e"y mo#e on he" $ace. 7he sai%, < Look, &hat;s you" ame, baby.
Don;t you think that !o#e can !ast J < 7he sai% < Lo#e, Lo"% abo#e,
No& you;"e t"yin to t"ick me in !o#e
ALOHA OEALOHA OE  )ndy illiams
Ke haha i )nai ka !iko =ua ahi hi !ehua o uka
A!oha....oe, a!oha...oe
E ke onaona noho i ka !io A!oha.....oe, a!oha...oe
E ke onaona noho i ka !io
I hea" the tickin o$ the c!ock, I;m !yin he"e the "oom;s itch %a"k.
I &on%e" &he"e you a"e toniht,
No ans&e" on the te!ehone. An% the niht oes by so #e"y s!o&,
1 /i!! no&.. I a!&ays ot by on my o&n.. I ne#e" "ea!!y ca"e% unti! I met you.. An% no& it chi!!s me to the bone..
Ho& %o I et you a!one ...
 (ou %on;t kno& ho& !on I ha#e &ante%,  /o touch you" !is an% ho!% you tiht.., oh..  (ou %on;t kno& ho& !on I ha#e &aite%...
An% I &as oin to te!! you toniht...
But the sec"et, is sti!! my o&n.. An% my !o#e $o" you.. is sti!! unkno&n
A!one ...  #e$eat  1 
AL:A(7AL:A(7  1on Jovi
 /his omeo is b!ee%in..But you can't see his b!oo%.. It's nothin but some $ee!ins,/hat this o!% %o kicke% u.
It's been "ainin since you !e$t me.No& i'm %"o&nin in the 0oo%..  (ou see i'#e a!&ays been a *hte". But &ithout you I i#e u..
:e!!, I uess I'm not that oo% anymo"e.But baby, that's )ust me yeah ..,
* I will love you baby al..ways..  )nd I'll be there (orever.. and a day..al..ways..
I'll be there till the stars don't shine.., till the heavens burst  and
 you'll be on my mind.. and I'll love you.. al"ways.. No& you'"e ictu"es that you !e$t behin%
A"e )ust memo"ies o$ a %i4e"ent !i$e 7ome that ma%e us !auh, some that ma%e us c"y
One that ma%e you ha#e to say oo%bye :hat I'% i#e to "un my *ne"s th"ouh you" hai"
 /o touch you" !is, to ho!% you nea".
:hen you say you" "aye"s, t"y to un%e"stan%. I'#e ma%e mistakes, I'm )ust a man.
:hen he ho!%s you c!ose, &hen he u!!s you nea" :hen he says the &o"%s you'#e been nee%in to hea"
I'!! &ish I &as him cause those &o"%s a"e mine  /o say to you ti!! the en% o$ time3.
I will love you baby.. al..ways..
 )nd I'll be there (orever and a day.. al..ways..  I( you told me to cry (or you, I could.
I( you told me to die (or you.. I would, take a look at my  (ace.
!here's no $rice I won't $ay.. !o say these words to you.. "Instruments"
 /he"e ain't no !uck.. In these !oa%e% %ice.
But baby i$ you i#e me )ust one mo"e t"y :e can ack u ou" o!% %"eams
A 2AN :I/HO/ LOVEA 2AN :I/HO/ LOVE Engelbert 0um$erdinck 
:aitin insi%e he" eyes &as my tomo""o&.  /hen somethin chane% he" min%.
* Everyday I wake u$, then I start to break  u$.
2onely is a man without love. Everyday I start out, then I cry my heart out.
2onely is a man without love.
Everyday I wake u$, then I start to break u$. Cnowing that it3s cloudy above.
I cannot $ace this &o"!% that;s $a!!en %o&n on me.  7o i$ you see my i"!,
 (ou;"e !ike that !o#e!y 0o&;" 7o s&eet an% hea#en!y
An% !o#in you it seems  /o beat a "haso%y
 /he "etty !itt!e oy 2ust I;#e coie% it;s en%ea"in
-ha"m $"om you Amao!a , amao!a
Amain "ace, ho& s&eet the soun%.
 /hat sa#e%, a &"etch !ike me. I once &as !ost,
I &as "ace that tauht my hea"t to $ea".
An% "ace my $ea" "e!ie#e%.
 /he hou", *"st be!ie#e%.
 A2EI-AN =IEA2EI-AN =IE  6on %c 2ean
A !on !on time ao, I can sti!! "emembe". Ho& that music use% to make me smi!e.
, they;% be hay $o" a &hi!e But 8eb"ua"y ma%e me shi#e",
:ith e#;"y ae" I;% %e!i#e". Ba% ne&;s on the %oo" ste,
:hen I "ea% about his &in%o&e% b"i%e, 7omethin touche% me %ee insi%e,
 /he %ay the music %ie%....7o
 /hen oo% o!% boys &e"e %"inkin &hiskey an% "ye. 7inin; this I;!! be the %ay that I %ie.
 /his I;!! be the %ay that I %ie. Di% you &"ite the book o$ !o#e,
Do you be!ie#e in "ock n; "o!!, -an music sa#e you" mo"at! sou!,
I )ust can;t !et you &a!k a&ay, 8o"et the !o#e I ha% $o" you.
 D+ause I3ll Bust say we3ve never met  I( I3m that easy to (orget.
#e$eat   1 and **   F
A2ONG 2( 7OUVENI7A2ONG 2( 7OUVENI7 +onny 4rancis
7ome !ette"s tie% in b!ue,
A hoto"ah o" t&o I see a "ose $"om you Amon my sou#eni"s
A $e& mo"e tokens "est &ithin
2y t"easu"e chest An% thouh they %o thei" best
 /o i#e me conso!ation
I count them a!! aa"t An% as the tea"%"os sta"t
I *n% a b"oken hea"t Amon my sou#eni"s
A2OA2O 1IN +#15 Ismae! :".
Amo"...., amo"..., my !o#e this &o"%;s so s&eet that
I "eeat means I a%o"e you
 this hea"t that I Ha#e !ace% be$o"e you
1 I can;t *n% anothe" &o"% :ith meanin so c!ea" 2y !is t"y to &hise"
7&eetee" thins in you" ea"
But someho& o" othe" Nothin soun%s >uite so %ea"
As this so$t ca"essin &o"% I kno&
Amo"...., amo"...., my !o#e
:hen you;"e a&ay, the"e is no %ay An% nihts a"e !one!y
Amo"..., amo"..., my !o#e make !i$e %e#ine
naci %e Dios a"a !os %os,
7abe" >ue mis besos
se >ue%a"on en ti, hacien%o en tus !abios
!a sePa! %e !a c"u
  )m Em )m Em
I i#e he" a!! my !o#e, that;s a!! I %o.   )m Em + 6
I !o#e he".   )m Em )m Em
  Em 6 Em 1m
 )s long as I have you near me.
Ho& I;#e !i#e% ti!! no&, I te!! them I %on;t kno&.
But !i$e bein aain the %ay you took my han%.
and the night won3t set me (ree. 1ut I.. don3t let the evening get me down.
Now that you3re around.... me.
An% !o#e you me to,
you" thouhts a"e )ust $o" me.  (ou set my si"it $"ee I;m hay that you %o
 /he book o$ !i$e is b"ie$,
An% so to s!ee aain as i$ I;!! e#e" s!ee aain
 /hese "est!ess nihts o on
a&ay $"om you An% so to %"eam aain as i$
I;!! ne#e" %"eam aain
2y %a"!in since you;"e one
my %"eams a"e th"ouh No othe" a"ms can ease this ache
&ithin my hea"t
these tea"s that sta"t An% so to s!ee aain as i$
ANGELAANGELA  Jose 4eliciano
Ane!a.... %o you "ea!!y !o#e me, O" is this a ame you !ay.
-an I be!ie#e,
 the ten%e" &hat you say... O" this is 2y *na! %ay &ith you..,
 that you !o#e me so.  (ou he!% me tiht as i$ you
1 Ane!a ...  /he &o"!% &as ma%e, $o" you an% me.
7o i$ (ou !o#e me .... I "omise, I....&i!! ne#e" !et you o.
An% I thouht maybe I shou!% &a!k "iht u to he" an% say Ahhaha, it's a ame he !ikes to !ay.
1 Look into his ane! eyes One !ook an% you'"e hynotie%
An% one %ay you'!! *n% out he &ea"s a %isuise Don't !ook too %ee into those ane! eyes
Oh no no no no
7ometimes &hen I'm !one!y I sit an%…