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  1. 1. ,t-av-7C` C ... .. i. Z 2 /ur"/'f?''z'r,xf'/7'r7'NORTHLAB PTE. LTD NOR`lHl.AB SEAMS PE. LD.38 Senoko Road, Singapore 756110 Tei: +65 6367 0800 Fax: +65 6367 9367NORHLAB SEAMS IM) SDN, BHD. NO. 47rG, 47-1 47-2Jalan PJU 1Al1BPusal Daganan NZX, Ar: Jaya 47301 Petaling Java, SalarlgorTel: +5 03 7885 8211 Fax: +6 03 7885 SEAMS IM) 5DN BHD.Ground Flool', Lot 1, EIDCRA Shermader Commercial Centre Jalan Palau-Fatau, 87000 F.T.LabuanTel: 50 87 431 181 Fax: *S0 87 431 161SlES.lbHl7nDrhlabbl1sales@nanhlab.bizwww.n0rthlab.bzNORTHLAB (INDIA) PVT LTD.Flat No. Z5, ll Floor, Luz Ginza complex 1110, Rovapenah High Road, Mylapove chennai -600 004. TamilnaduTel: +91 44 4553 4446 X 2768 9923 Fax: +91 78385 93997 sales@nonhlab.inEASTERN PETRO ECHNOLGIES (INDIA) PV LTD.2-4, ADB Road, Near Lght Huuse survaraupeta Village, Thammavaram Kakinada Rural- 533 005, East Godavarl Dist, Andhra PradeshTel: 991 SBA 230 7173Fax: 91 884 230 7174 . F`rI*/_- / [1 1 KKT/T plrdvv IWF/T/77L
  2. 2. TECHNICAL COMl'ETENCE, OJALITY SOLUTION. NorthLab Group is a major player in the Instrumentation Industry in the Asa-Pacl: Region, with a growing reputation across the globe. The stated mssiun of NDnhLab Group is 7u provide solutions 0] thelinesl quollty thot meet the needs and the demundn standards ol customers, by lcvemuln tha lehnIcul mmpeten inherent ln the organization.The core strengths ol Northiah that have Enabled t to become a rapidly gmwing rorce in the industry are: I Norionol Aczreditotinn [or third party Eulrbrutfun Bt its vurous buses oi erutonD Provision 0] the Iorgest und most comprehensive fleet of rentoi equipment in the Asa-Paclz region Its unique position os 47 "one-stop nstnlmentutfn service pmvdel with tlle ubllty to provide customers with Corlbrotion, Rental, Testing, Servcing and Sales sewices lol oll types U/ test and meusuremtnt equipmentAll companies within NorthL:ib Group share a common hilosouhy Every :au wlil be worth lt llt mn achieve Itemurkoble stnndnrds olpdsln und deliver on tllrre; Every time,it is this philosoph imbibed at all levels or the organization, that has driven NorthLab to consistently deliver toprnotch, no-compromise services with unsurpassed quality standards and consequently grow at a piienomenal pace since its inception in 1996.Well-equipped racilities, constantly upgraded inirastructure and Zin extensively experienced worklorce with appropriate qualifications and rigorous training, who have embraced this priilosotlv and Continually strlve to deliver cin it, are the foundation upon which N0rttILab has bull! its Corporate culture and service offering. lNol=I`HLABlNDRHLABIWROFITENorthLalJ Gruu is EI Multlnational Service Provider dealing primarily in the areas or calibraton, Rental, Testing, Sales arid Servicing ol Test and Measurement equipmentThe operations or NorthLab Group are stritegically located in order to maximize the scope of service provson to various industries and minimize Irie lead time. The comprehensive, highly Specialized services provided by Northtab group :re currently Offered from its bases ati Singapore : HL2(N0rthLob Pre. ird. &Nlfhlub SEAM5 Pte. Ltd.) Malaysia .r Petoling JuyurN0rtliLob SEAMS (MJ Sdn. Bhd.) Malaysia .' LlzbuunINorihLob SEAMS (M) Sdn, Bhd, IIndia V chennoi (Norrhiob (Indlo) Pvt. Ltd.) Indiu J Kokinado(Eastern Petro Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd, )The operations or the group are controlled by a top management team comprising individuals from the industry, with extensive experience, who take a truly "hands-on" approach when it comes to Irie daily operations. They are hacked up bv a mulrlnational, multi talented workorce - the core strength or the group V drawn from different areas ol expertise like Engineering, Finance, HR, Marketing & IT. Trie effective blend or experience, training, skills and knowledge Ensure that the services provided by Northiab are unique, Unrivalled and or a quality setnnd to none. N0r(hLab Singapore, the headquaners of NorthLab group is the iirst third party calibratinn laboratory in the world ro be certified by the American Petroleum Institute as having met their rigorous quality standards.
  3. 3. l` ll`l7llll NHL'*L^l .l' lil`xtllI'I'Il4llll NUBHLAI LE NBIITDCLAI sNOHTHLAITtie services provided by NorthLal: are customer centrlc and focused towards SDUIOHS (hat enable our customers to perform their business activities to their maximum potential. Because of its eve for dE[all and enchant rl meeting customer requirements time and again, N0rrhLab has acquired a reputation bf reliability and quality wthn the industry. N0rhLab therelore has a wlde spectrum ol Clenls across various industries like High Precision Manufacturing, Marine, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuncal, Automobile, Telecommunications: Delense, Medical, etcCALIBRAIONNorlhLab has the required expertise, equipment and accreditanons to carry out third party calibratron lor an extensive range of instruments both wlthln Its premlses and on site at Customer premrses. rhe range or instruments calbraled by NonhLab includes Pressure, Temeraturer Electrical, Humidity, Mechanical, Dimensional, Mass, Force, Turque, etc. Northtab calibraies equipment to national and International standards, based on International procedures, lnduslrially accepted procedures, manufacturer's speccarns or accredited procedures developed hy NorthLalJ R&D.RENTAI N0hLab group has the mo( extensive RENTAL CAFABILITV In khe region.A wlde range of equipment hacked by lully equipped service nfrastriicture and support ls available for RENAL: Pressure Testing Equipment Data Legging - Test and Measurement c lnslrumenteslcabins Flushing Rigs - Hoses&Fittings,ett.ln the Rental business, the main customer segments are Oil & Gas, Marine. Offshore, snrpyards, etc.VAI.VE ENGINEERINGThe latest addition to NorthLab's scope of services ls VALVE ENGINEERING. with a fully equipped workshop, trained workforce and API Certification, Northtab orers a complete range ol valve related services,LOD CELL CALIBRATION Vet another addition to NrthLab's scope to give customers comprehensive service, Northtab offers calihratrun nl load cells and other force measurement ll'lSYl'l4ll'fEI'lfS.TESING & SERVIC A wlde range or other testing, repair and servicing of customer Equipment is also offered, using N0rthLab's S[E'0'[lE'art nfrasrructure.F(Jl ['MENT SAI ESNorthLab has strategic sourcing arransements with various equipment suppliers across the globe using which it offers the best value propositions to Customers for the procurement ol various types of equipment. Leveraging on such a partnership also ensures that the delivery tinielrame is minmized (nr Dur customersIT CAPABI LITY As a technology driven business entity, NorthLab is committed to a system-driven approach and is a hlghly IT enabled organization leverain un ECHNDLOGV KD th maximum to enhance the effectiveness ol rts business processes.Nnrthtab nperates on:n A Customer centrlc ERP - for Streamlined and singular set of standardized business processes - coverng both Callbration Jld Rental businesses- Many Calbraton Automation products r to enhance response/turnaround time to the customer and mlnmze human error - keeping in line with its quality standardsThe central hub for the IT department ls under an sscoclate Company ~ Testcal Pte Ltd, manned by Specialist IT personnel and located lrl Singapore,
  4. 4. ACCREDITATIONS &CERTIFICATIONS The fact that an organization ls credlble, cnmpetent and operites with I high level oi integrity ln the provlson ef senlines that meet stringent quality standards ls attested to by IE accreditatlons and certllicadons.Nort)ILab is accredited by the respective National aceditation bodies in the vlrlaus Countries we operaie. as iollwszsingapore : sACslNGIAs (ISOIIEC 17025), Iso 9001:2008, API secol, Iso Ts 25001and US Navy Malaysia ISAMM IISOIEC I7025I india : NABL (ISO/IEC 17025)The accredtation to ISOIIEC 17025 In the various countries ensures that all calbraton and testiniIqklr lIRFIl.VEVactivities performed bv NDrthLab meet National and International standards. he endarsement of the national accredtadon bodies are manifested as accreditaton logos on the calibraiion cercaies and test reports issued bv Ncrthtab.The International Lahommry AccI'edtItcn Cooperation or 'ILAC' s In Intemional cooeltion that iacllitates international trade bv promoting the International acceptance of endorsed test and calibration reons from accredlied labulatnrles. lLAC's Mutual Recognition Anangement (MRA) is an intemaiional arrangement between 72 National Accrediation bodies ol various Dountrles, he use OI the ILAC MRA mark un N0rthLab lhmnon and test repnrts therefore uammees that these reporis are lnternadonaily acceptedeCerilcate ol _ __. Cerilliceie oi Acclediiaion - ccrediiailon L IGROIJP PROFILEIAPI CERTIFICATION The headquarters ni Narthiah rnup in Singapore Iiis achieved the distinctnn of beng the rst third party calbration lahoratory ln the world to achieve API cenifieatione With ver400 Corporate members represening all sements of the industry, the Amerian Petroleum Institute (API) ls the only national trade organzadon that represents the oii 81 natural Das industry to the various government agencies and the general public. API cerries oraanlzanons that meet their demandrig standards is ISO 9001 compllante Iri addition to this, API alsocerdes the oranzitions as meeting their wn standard (API Spec Q1 ISO T5 290011 which Incnrporates additional criteria specifically tailored for the oil 81 natural gas Indunry. N0rthLIb Pte Ltd 81 NOYIILIII SAMS Pte ud n Singapre have been certified by API as having met the high standards of [50 9001, API Spec Q1 and I50 5 29001.In addltion to this, Nnr(I1LII Pte Ltd and Nurthiah SEAMS Pte Ltd have also been ceried by the United States Navy as having met their rigorous standards fer the provson oi services to US Navy vesseis.hunk ...