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  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)





    1. Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.

    2. Jawab semuasoalan.

    3. Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat pilihan jawapan, iaitu A, B, C dan D. Bagi setiap soalan,pilih satujawapan sahaja. Hitamkansemua jawapan anda pada kertas jawapan objektif yangdisediakan.

    Kertas ini mengandungi 11 halaman bercetak


    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Sabah SULIT

    NAMA: ____________________





  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    1. Which of the following will be most suitable to represent X?A On sale. C. Todays recipes.B Todays special. D. Your food guide.



    2. Most of Lilys waking hours are spentA eating. C. in school.B activities. D. travelling.

    NUTTY & FRUITYDelicious and nutritious.

    Promote good health and reduce body fats.Low in calories and carbohydrates.

    3. Nutty and Fruity is probably aA diet bar. C. chocolate bar.B snack food. D. health supplement.

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    House to Let4. The advertisement tells us that there is a house for

    A sale. C. show.B rent. D. renovation.

    5. The advice given in theproverb is never to

    A be foolish.C. talk bad about

    other people.B let an

    opportunity go. blinded by our own faults.

    6. According to the letter above, Clarissa wants to buy her friendA a farewell gift. C. a birthday present.B a computer disc. D. a computer programme.

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    mentioned about my friend and her family moving to Indonesia. I plan to buy hernd let me know what you think about my idea. Love,


  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    7. Which of the following statements does not explain the text?A First aid is given during emergency.B First aid is given to replace medical help.C First aid is given before medical help arrives.D First aid provides immediate help to people who need it.

    8. The aim of staging the wayang kulit performance is toA make money.B keep the art alive.C. make people happyD. promote friendship in ASEAN.

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    First aid, the care given beforeemergency medical help arrives, canhelp save lives. Knowing what to do

    with, for instance, someone who has afractured bone or a cut is important.

  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    9. If you trek from the west to the east along the jungle trek, you will end up inA Juara Village.B Gunung Kajang.C Ayer Batang Village.D Tioman Island Resort.

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    Key:- - - Jungle track


  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    10. The lady in the cartoon strip wants to clean the attic on that day because sheA likes cleanliness. C. wants to please her husband.B is in the mood to do so. D. wants her husband to help her.

    Questions 11 18are based on the following text.

    11. A into B onto C among D between12. A who B that C when D where13. A plant B plants C planted D planting14. A lots B a lot C more D a little15. A Also B Due to C Besides D However 16. A may B will C shall D must17. A - B a C an D the18. A hated B limited C discarded D identified

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    The Ministry of Education has embarked on a tree-planting programme in schoolsnationwide. The aim is to instill ____(11)____ students a sense of responsibility towards theenvironment based on a lifestyle ____(12)____ cares for the environment. The programmes targetis to ____ (13) ____ 20 million trees by 2020. The ministry will also be responsible for identifyingthe species and the number of trees to be planted in each school and ____(14)____ will depend on

    the locality of the school and the type of soil and surroundings. ____(15)____, it will be difficult tomeet the target in the urban areas due to the lack of space for tree- planting in urban-based schools.This ____(16)____ not be a problem in the rural schools because of the large open space available.The programme is a good one as it is best to educate school children on ____(17)____ importanceof the environment from a young age. Good habits should be taught early and bad ones ____ (18)____ before it is too late.

  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    Questions 19 - 21Read the conversation belowand choose the best meaning for the underlined phrases.

    19. took awa yA wiped C ejectedB peeled D deleted

    20. to show upA to display C to act in a playB to be beautiful D to make an appearance

    21. look intoA search C exploreB disturb D investigate

    Questions 22 24Read the conversation below and choose the best meaning for the expressions that are underlined.

    22. black and whiteA a box C writingB a tape D two colours

    23. strike while the iron is hotA do things with the iron C make sure of a good opportunityB let go of a good opportunity D iron the clothes while the iron is hot

    24. kill two birds with one stoneA use a stone as a weapon C achieve one thing at one timeB use a stone to kill two birds D achieve two things at one time

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    Hong : I thought all of us were involved in presenting the drama, werent we?ah : Yes, we are. Its in black and white (22). Miss Carol handed the letter to

    Parvin.Hong : So, lets strike while the iron is hot (23) to show how we can work together.ah : Yes, everyone says that there is no teamwork among our classmates. Lets kill

    two birds with one stone (24), show everyone that we can work together as ateam and can act as well.

    took away (19) the smiles from the Malaysian players led by No 1 Lee Chong Wei on the opening day of the Thomas Cup F

    ter on what should have been a great opening of the world premier mens team event when they failed to show up (20) on several aspects before making a decision on the Nigerians.

  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    Questions 25 28are based on the following cartoon strip.

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


    l of us are cutting English classtoday. Want to join us?said shes giving us a quiz today. Who wants to take that quiz anyway?

    re going to hide behind the computer lab until recess. Its very quiet there and it is a great hideaway.Id rather take the quiz than hide. Besides, its wrong to skip class.

  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    25. From the cartoon strip, we can conclude that Dayang and Mandy

    A like English lessons C do not like Miss WaniB want to take the quiz D are not prepared for the quiz

    26. The phrase cutting English classas found in the cartoon strip means

    A quitting the English class C walking out of the English classB attending the English class later D being absent from the English class

    27. Doris is obviously not __________ by Dayang and Mandy.

    A impress C influencedB impressed D influences

    28. Dayang and Mandy are trying to persuade Doris to

    A play truant. C be rebelliousB act sensibly. D enter the computer lab

    12/1 2011 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sabah LIHAT HALAMAN SEBELAHSULIT


  • 8/4/2019 Pmr Trial 2011 Bi Q&A (Sabah)



    Questions 29 34are based on the following passage.

    I am not really scared of ghosts, but something happened to me a few months ago. I was at

    home, alone, watching television one night. It was one of those horrible, stormy nights with wind and

    rain lashing against the windows. My parents and siblings were at the cinema.

    After a while, I heard a tapping sound. I did not worry at first. There were trees near the

    windows and I thought it was the trees hitting against them.

    I ignored the sound. Then, I heard a bang at the front door. It must be the wind, I thought.

    Then, I heard a noise I could not ignore. It was a horrible cry - it was like someone being strangled. I

    jumped. I was frightened by then.

    Then it came again. "Graaahhh!"

    "Is there a madman going around the house, trying to get in?"

    I prayed that all the doors and windows were shut properly. I started moving around to check

    them. Just then, I heard the tapping. I started dialing for the police.

    Suddenly, the front door burst opened and in came my siblings shouting, April Fool!

    April Fool!

    I could have strangled them - I nearly did.

    29. Where was the writer at the time of the incident?

    A In a forest. C Alone at homeB At the cinema. D With his family

    30. The word lashing in paragraph 1 can be replaced withA beating. C bursting

    B pouring. D storming

    31. The writer thought the noises were made by the

    A trees. C madmanB wind. D brothers and sisters

    32. Why did th