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  • Daily 5 POSTERS

    Anita Bremer

    Clipart by Melonheadz Illustrating. Borders by Ashley Doodles.Fonts by By the Butterfly & Jen Jones.

    Created by Anita Bremer

  • read to SELF

    Reading books that are at

    your level will help you become a more

    fluent reader.

    Anita Bremer

  • work on WRITING

    Writing daily will help you become a better writer.

    Anita Bremer

  • word WORK Understanding

    how letters and sounds work together in words help you to become a

    better speller and writer.


    Anita Bremer

  • listen to

    When you listen to

    reading you learn about fluency and become a

    better reader.


    Anita Bremer

  • read with a PARTNER

    When you read to

    someone you improve

    your reading

    strategies and develop


    Anita Bremer