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  • PAPER 1



  • WORD MAZEFind 10 names of animals


  • Test your vocabulary

    Form 20 new words from the word: C A T E R P I L L A R

    Eg: cat


    We buy meat at theWe can read books at the.The people go to the clinic to get treatmentA.is a person who sells flowerYour mothers sister is yourThe actor and..acting very goodPen,pencil,sharpener and eraser are known as..A person who makes furniture is calledA .is a baby frogWe watch films at a..

  • AnswersMarketLibrarySickFloristAuntActressStationeryCarpenterTadpolecinema

  • Group the words under the correct category teacher badminton english canteen science headmaster clerk football office library netball gardener mathematics ping pong music toilet buildinggamespeoplesubject

  • Enrich your vocabularyList out what you know about:

    a) parts of the body

    b) parts of animal

    c) parts of flower

  • GRAMMARWhat you should know?

    a) Articles b) Conjunctions c) Pronouns - personal possessive reflexive d) Prepositions

  • GRAMMAR e) Countable and uncountable nouns f) Question words WH questions

    g) Adverbs - describing verbs eg:walk slowly, run quickly h) Adjectives - describing nouns eg: pretty girl, naughty boy

  • Grammar h) Singular and plural one chair - two chairs one rose - two roses one watch two watches

    i) Conjunctions and,but,or,so,if,therefore

  • GRAMMAR j) Tenses - present tense present continuous tense - past tense past continuous tense - future tense

  • GRAMMARk) Subject verb agreement

    HeeatsIeatShetalksYoutalkThe boysleepsThe boyssleepThe ladycooksThe ladiescookThe childplaysThe childrenplayThe manworksThe menworkThe catmeowsThe catsmeow

  • GRAMMARl) Punctuation

    . Full stop , comma ? Question mark ! Exclamation mark Capital letter apostrophe : colon

  • GRAMMARCollective nouns:

    a)A bouquet of flowersb)A troop of monkeysc)A herd of buffaloesd)A litter of kittense)A bunch of keysf)A choir of singers

  • Clues:1.No additional after the word to.. eg: to go to eat2.There must be a Verb To Be before the ing form eg: He is going They are going I am eating

  • Now test your grammar!!I had glass of milk for breakfast.The books belong to Mat.They are..He is taller.Hashim..bag is this?Dont put too.sugar to my tea.did you put my bag?Lina ran.the roadHe is absent .he is ill.

  • PAPER 2


    CONSTRUCTING SENTENCES To write 5 sentences based on a picture.

  • TO FORM 5 SENTENCES1.List down the nouns and verbs

    Eg : girl walking man reading woman buying supermarket

  • Place them into columns


  • Sample answer for weak pupils1.The man is sitting2.The man is walking3. The woman is reading4.The boys are looking at the man5.They are at the supermarket

  • Sample answer for average pupils1.The man is sitting on the bench.2.The man is walking to the counter.3.The woman is reading a newspaper.4.The boys are looking at the tall man.5.The supermarket is very clean.

  • Sample answer for good ones1.The fat man is reading the newspaper under a big shady tree.2.The boys are walking quickly to the counter.3.The beautiful woman is looking at the dress displayed at the shop.

  • How to make your essay interesting1 Use adjectives eg: fat man, tall boy, beautiful girl

    2.Use adverbs eg: ran quickly, shouted loudly

    3.Use similes/proverbs/idioms


    QUESTION 2 Transfer of Information

  • WHAT TO WRITE?Choice/ optionReasonsSubject matter/contentExpansionUse of new words where necessary

  • Suggested sentences

    Topic/area of interestReasons

    1. place/locations1.It is near my house.So I can go there easily2.It is a nice and beautiful place to visit. 2. prices/costs/fees1.It is the cheapest among the three.2. I can afford to buy it

  • 3.Food/drinks1.It is delicious and tasty2.It is my favourite food4.Transport/vehicle1. It is the most comfortable way of travelling5.Free discount1.The offer is attractive2.I can save my money

  • 6. Activities/ Contest1. The activities are interesting and challenging7. Colours / patterns1.I like the colour2. It is my favourite colour8. Time /duration1. It takes shorter time to to reach the destination




  • Some suggested expressions that can be used before starting a new sentence

    1.Quickly2. Suddenly..3.After that4. While5. As.

  • To end a composition1.They went home tired but happy2.They enjoyed themselves very much3. He had learnt a good lesson4. They are a happy family.5. She thanked them for their kindness.

  • Some of the tips:1. Look at the picture and try to answer the questions. eg: Who are they? What are they doing?2. Look at the words given. Use the words to make meaningful sentences3.Begin each sentences with capital letter4. Arrange the words in paragraphs

  • Errors done by the candidates1.handwriting - too stylish2. Poor in punctuation3. Using additional words that they dont understand - eg morever, therefore4. Using words given although they dont understand the meanings

  • Errors done by the candidates5. Copy down words wrongly

    6. Not writing the choice

    7. Not aware with the spelling of RM

    8. Repeating same points/names

  • Conclusions1.Read the instructions2.Study the picture3.Read the words and find the meaning4.Underline the verbs to confirm the tenses5.Story line intro, content, closure6.Insert pronouns

  • THAT S ALL!! Thank you very much for listeningAnd may Allah gives his blessing to all of us.

    Pn Faizah Sanusi SK Seri Utama