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SELAMAT DATANGWelcome to DOSH MalaysiaDelegates from Sudan

Department of Occupational Safety & Health, DOSH Malaysia Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

AGENDAIntroduction of MOHR & DOSH, Malaysia OSH Profile in Malaysia Introduction of DOSH, Malaysia DOSH Core Business, Activities, & Programs OSH-MP 15 & Direction of OSH in Malaysia Statistical Analysis on Accident & Fatality in Malaysia International OSH Programs

Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia

Introduction To Historical Background, Organization, Roles And FunctionsBy: Dato Ir. Dr. Johari Bin Basri Director General DOSH Malaysia

Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia

Mission of Ministry:1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. To develop a workforce that is productive, informative, discipline, caring and responsive to the changing labor environment towards increasing the economic growth and hence create more job opportunities. To encourage and maintain conducive and harmonized industrial relation between employers, employees and trade unions for the nation's economic development and wellness of people. To uphold social justice and ensure harmonious industrial relations through solving industrial dispute between employer and employee and awarding collective agreement. To ensure trade unions practice democracy, orderly and is responsible to assist achieving the objective of industrial harmony. To be the leader in development of nation's human resources. To develop skilled, knowledgeable and competitive workforce in a harmonious industrial relations with social justice.

6. To ensure safety and health of workforce is assured.

Department under Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia:o Manpower Department

o Department of Skill Development

o Labour Department (Peninsular, Sabah, & Sarawak)o Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) oTrade Union Affair o Industrial Relation Department o Industrial Court o National Institute of Human Resource

OSH LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORKThe Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) legislative is directly under the Malaysian Federal constitution wherein ; i. Article 5 : All the states are obliged to hold the right to livelihood and ii. Article 8 : All persons are equal and entitled to equal protection of the law, and the right of employment and labor force protection come in parallel with the Malaysian constitutional right.

LAWS RELATED TO OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTHEmployment Act 1955(Act 265) Labor Ordinance of Sarawak (Amendment) Act 2005 (Act A1237) Labor Ordinance of Sabah (Amendment) Act 2005 (Act A1238) Children and

MAJOR LAWS ON OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTHOccupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514) Factories and Machinery Act 1967 (Act 139) Petroleum Act (Safety Measures) 1984 (Act 302)

Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966 (Act 350) Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 (Act 452) Employees Social Security Act 1969 (Act 4) Workmens Compensation Act 1952 (Act 273) Workers Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990 (Act 446) Wages Council Act 1947 (Act 195) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act 2001 (Act 612) Industrial Relations Act 1967 (Act 177) Employment Information 1953 (Act 159) Private Employment Agencies Act 1981 (Act 246) Environmental Quality Act 1975 (Act 127) Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 (Act 304) Gas Supply Act 1993 (Act 501) Fire Services Act 1988 (Act 341) Uniform Building by Laws 1984 Electricity Supply Act 1990 (Act 447) Pesticides Act 1974 (Act 149)

Occupational Safety and Health Structure Function and Organizations in Malaysia

Mission: To Secure Safety and Health at WorkVision: To be the Ultimate Leader of Occupational Safety and Health

RESPONSIBLE FOR:The administration and enforcement of legislations related to occupational safety and health Ensuring the occupational safety, health and welfare of people at work as well as protecting other people from the hazards arising from activities of various sectors.

Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia

SECTORS COVERED:Manufacturing ii. Mining And Quarrying iii. Construction iv. Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing v. Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water And Sanitary Services) vi. Transport, Storage And Communication vii. Wholesale And Retail Trades viii. Hotels And Restaurants ix. Finance, Insurance, Real Estate And Business Services x. Public Services And Statutory Authoritiesi.

Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia




The Machinery Ordinance has been enforced. Machinery Enactment of 1932 under Mineral Department. Machinery Enactment of 1913

Boiler safety + Machinery safety



Negeri Melayu Bersekutu has been enforced by Perak Order Council Selangor Boiler Enactment

1892 1890

The Perak Order In Council,

Occupational Safety and Health11


Boiler + Machinery + Industrial + hygiene safety


Factory & Machinery Act1967 (By Department of Factory & Machinery JKJ)

Boiler + Machinery + Industrial safety

Boiler safety





Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994

> 1994

GENERAL OBJECTIVESPrevention of Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES20% reduction of fatal accident rate 20% reduction of reported accident rate 100% increment of total enforcement inspection 200% increment of promotional activities Increment of total number of OSH practitioner to 10,000 peoples

DOSH Core Activities :1. Standard setting 2. Enforcement 3. Promotion and publicity

Standard setting : Policy analysis Formulation and review of Regulations, Industry Codes of Practice (ICOP) & Guidelines

Enforcement : Legislation1. FACTORIES AND MACHINERY ACT 1967 (ACT 139) and 15 Regulations 2. PETROLEUM (SAFETY MEASURES) ACT 1984 (Act 302) and a Regulation 3. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT 1994 (ACT 514) and 6 Regulations + 2 Orders

Enforcement : Sub Activities Approval Registration Certification Inspection Investigation of accidents & complaints Legal actions

Promotion :In-house program : Campaigns / Safety Program Talks / Briefing OSH Workshop Exhibition / Seminar Road show Association / NGO Training Program

OSH Profile in Malaysia :1. OSH Master Plan 2015

2. Accident & Fatality Rate Report 2004 ~ 2009

Occupational Safety and Health Master Plan for Malaysia 2011 ~ 20153rd Phase

2nd Phase 1st Phase National policy framework on OSH. Enhance tripartite cooperation. Promote preventive culture. New skill & competencies are acquired and developed. Increase enforcement activities. Focus on soft issue, ergonomic, stress & etc. R&D structured & defined. Enhancing leadership.

Enhance competencies of officers & OSH practitioners. Strategic alliance. Increase enforcement activities. Focus on critical sectors. Enhancing leadership. Regulate OSH MS.

Enhance public awareness on OSH. Self regulation as a practice. National policy & framework on OSH established. Promote preventive culture & well practice. Create an expert group in various field & skill. Strategic alliance at international level. Increase enforcement activities. Focus on new emerging hazards. R&D research outcomes. Enhancing leadership. OSH MS as part of business.





Accident & Fatality Rate Report (Commuting) from 2004 - 2009Accident & Fatality Rate (Include commuting) 2004 -200930

Accident & Fatality Rate





17.5 15.9



Fatality Rate include commuting at workplace (case/100,000 workers) Accident Rate include commuting (case/1,000 workers) 6.31 5.95 5.59













Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia

Accident & Fatality Rate Report (Workplace) from 2004 - 2009Accident & Fatality Rate (at Workplace) 2004 -200914

7.2 6.9 7.2 7

Accident & Fatality Rate

1210 8


5.86 4 2 0

Fatality Rate at workplace (case/100,000 workers) 5.2 4.8 4.5 4.2 3.6 Accident Rate at Workplace (case/1,000 workers)







Department of Occupational Safety & Health, (DOSH) Malaysia

International OSH Programs :1. Malaysian Technical Corporation Program (MTCP ISHO 2010) 2. ASEAN OSH-Net 3. International Convention / Seminar

Malaysian Technical Coorporation Programmei. Spirit of South-South Cooperation.

ii. Bilateral technical cooperation programme. iii. Shares development experiences & Technical coorporation with other developing countries.

DOSH MTCP Programs for 2010i. Safety & Health Officer for developing country (ISHO)

ii. Train the OSH Trainer (TTT)

ASEAN OSH NET :i. To establish as regional center to collect and disseminate information within ASEAN and, ii. To manage research and training for the improvement of working condition and environment.

Recent Activities & Programs:i. Work Visit to Cambodia to assist new Secretariat for CBM (Mar 2009) ii. Participated in 10th CBM at Cambodia (Apr 2009) iii. 3rd ASEAN OSHNET + 3 Policy Dialogue on OSHMS at Loas (Feb 2010) iv. ASEAN OSHNET 11th CBM at Bali, Indonesia (Apr 2010)